Yunus-khan Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Yunus-khan is a bright architectural monument of the Timurid era. It is the part of Shayhantaur ensemble and is located not far from the mausoleum of Sheikh Havendi at-Takhur.

Yunus-khan Mausoleum was built in the XV century in the style of khanaka. The style was quite unusual for the medieval architecture of Uzbekistan. The construction has two floors and immediately grabs attention with its size and decoration. The T-shaped building was more specific for Iranian mausoleums. The facades are decorated with Arabic script ornaments. Meanwhile, the interior of the mausoleum is quite simple with stone columns and muqarnas (arch in the form of stalactites). The central hall has the shape of a cross with khudjrs (cells) in two rows. The cells have thyroid domes.

Yunus-khan mausoleum had many secrets. One of the most interesting mystery was the musical door; the craftsmen hid Uzbek musical instrument change between the doors and every time the door was opened there sounded music. Another mystery was the empty grave of Yunus-khan and even today, the true location of the relics is a mystery.

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