Zaamin Mountains

Zaamin Mountains are located not far from the city of Zaamin, on the northwestern part of the Turkestan ridge, Jizzak region. Part of the mountains is spread on the territory of Tajikistan while the most beautiful part of Zaamin is located in Uzbekistan. Here is located one of the most popular health complexes “Zaamin”. The region is so beautiful that it has got the name “Switzerland of Uzbekistan”.

The reason why the Zaamin Mountains are so popular is the unique climate and the coniferous forests stretching for kilometres. Besides the pure air and show-stopping landscapes, there are historical monuments on the territory, the holy place Khuzhai Serob-Ota, Zaamin reserve, picturesque gorges and caves.

Zaamin Mountains and the reserve are located on the historical lands. According to the latest excavations, it was proved that the territory was inhabited since II century B.C. Zaamin reserve is a popular destination in Uzbekistan for trekking, climbing and camping. The lovers of ecotourism will have a chance to explore the greatest potential of Uzbekistan Mountains.

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