Zarkent Cave

Zarkent Cave is located in the Tashkent region, close to a small river. It was found in 1988 by a group of geologists while they were searching for onyx fields. The first exploration of the cave took the geologists to the depth of 102 m.

The cave has two entrances. One of them has 18 meters high vertical well that leads to a medium chamber with a huge stalagnate of 3 m. height. This is the point where the two entrances are joined. The passage goes down in the depth of 100 meters. There is a small brook that flows along the cave and gets lost in clay obstruction. The second entrance is very narrow yet it gets wider with steep incline passage that leads to a 7 m vertical ledge to stalagnate, the place where two parts of the cave are connected.

Zarkent cave is really impressive with stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates; the colours change from white to dark brown. The final depth of the cave is -102m, the length of passages is 200m. Still, the cave is explored partially and the practical depth may reach up to -500m and 6 km in length.

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